The 18th Annual Selby Scholar Symposium was held on December 27, 2018 at Michael's on East. 

We are very thankful to all of the community partners, committee members, volunteers, staff, and Selby Scholars who made the Symposium possible.

We hope that the event was as inspiring and enlightening--for the Selby Scholars who were able to connect with community leaders in their chosen field, and for the mentors who were able to speak with the leaders of tomorrow.  

The Selby Scholar program and one of our students was recently featured on the local news. Maya O’Day is a 2nd year Selby Scholar, who is a Comedic Arts and Honors Program student at Emerson College. Her Community Partner this year was Joey Panek, Senior Producer/Host for the Suncoast View on ABC-7. After the Symposium, Maya was invited by Joey to visit him at the studio and Maya was interviewed by Suncoast View.  Watch the video of Maya's experiences at Emerson, as well as in the Selby Scholar program.

2018 Selby Scholar Symposium