Grant Program

Areas of Interest

The Selby Foundation specializes in supporting area non-profits with capital grants. Capital grants support the construction, acquisition and/or renovation of facilities, as well as the purchase of equipment or software. They may also include the costs of related technical services (legal, architectural, engineering, etc). Projects focusing on education, human services, arts and community projects including history, science, and/or the environment will be given top priority.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

1) Grants from the Selby Foundation are restricted to 501(c) 3 non-profit entities (or equivalent) that are located within Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte or DeSoto counties. On rare occasions, exceptions are made for groups outside of these counties who can demonstrate that a majority of their clients (>50%) come from within our 4-county service area, but you must contact the Foundation Executive Director to discuss the details before your application will be accepted.

2) Grants from the Selby Foundation are also generally restricted to capital expenditures [see Areas of Interest above].

3) Organizations that have previously received Selby funding may not apply again until at least one year after the approval of their previous final report. Organizations that have never applied for a Selby grant (or who have not received one within 5 years) are encouraged to contact our President and CEO for a preliminary discussion before applying. All previous grant requirements must be fulfilled to the Foundation’s satisfaction before the organization will be eligible to apply again.

4) Because there is so much variety to capital projects and the types of organizations that undertake them, it is often easier to list the specific items that the Selby Foundation does NOT fund instead: 


Generally, the Foundation will NOT provide grants for the following purposes:
                 •    Operating/program expenses (including salaries)
                 •    Projects that have already been completed, or expenses already incurred
                 •    Endowments
                 •    Deficit financing/debt reduction
                 •    Conferences, seminars or workshops 
                 •    Travel
                 •    Surveys, advertising, or marketing materials  
                 •    Research

Generally, the Foundation will NOT provide grants to the following entities:
                 •    Individuals 
                 •    Chambers of Commerce 
                 •    Private K-12 Schools 
                 •    Individual Public K-12 Schools (including Charter Schools and Booster Organizations) 
                 •    Churches and their individual ministries
                 •    Individual Fire or Police Departments (including volunteer organizations)

Selby funding is generally intended to assist organizations in pursuing strategic goals by leveraging support from a broad base of constituents. As such, applicants who can demonstrate a variety of other funding sources for their project, and/or those who request less than 10% of the total project cost are usually given priority for approval. Organizations are encouraged to compile a list of their future needs and meet with Foundation staff to explore possible fits. There is no requirement to have an appointment to discuss your grant prior to application, but you are encouraged to contact the Foundation office if you have any questions.

Grant Deadlines

There are two grant cycles per year:  Spring cycle opens on December 1 and closes on February 1 at 5:00 pm; Fall cycle open on June 1 and closes on August 1.  If either of the closing dates falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is advanced until the next business day. The Foundation has a firm deadline, which means that the online application will close promptly at 5:00 p.m. EST on that day. Applicants are encouraged to submit their completed applications in advance of the deadline, which gives Foundation staff the opportunity to review the content and identify any missing information before it’s too late. 

Minimum Request:  $10,000 
Fiscal Year # of Grants:  about 40 
Average Grant Size:  $50,000 
Application Deadlines:  February 1st by 5:00 pm EST,  August 1st by 5:00 pm EST
Notification Dates:  May 15th, December 15th 

Grant Process Summary

To apply for a grant, complete the online grant application that will be available on December 1.  Note that organizations that have received previous Selby funding may not apply again until at least one year after the approval of their previous final report and that organizations that have never applied for a Selby Grant (or who have not received one within 5 years) are encouraged to contact our President and CEO for a preliminary discussion before applying. After your application is completed, you will be contacted for a site visit. We request that the Executive Director of the organization participate in the scheduled appointment along with any other appropriate staff or board members.

Your grant request will then be reviewed by our Administrative Committee in an attempt to determine the value of the project, the soundness of the sponsoring organization and the assurance of future maintenance and funding of the project. Once a decision has been made, applicants will be notified in writing of the acceptance or rejection of their request. Notifications for grants applied for in February will arrive by mid-May and notifications for grants applied for in August will arrive by mid-December, so please plan accordingly.

If a grant is made, the organization is required to complete a Final Report of Grant Expenditure with certain financial and programmatic information. Future grant requests will not be considered if reports on previous grants are not completed.  Final report guidelines can be
downloaded here.

Required Documentation

In addition to the questions on the online application, we also require copies of some key documents from your organization. Below is a list of the documentation that will be required to complete the online application in order to help you prepare:

A.   Price quotes from three separate vendors for any individual item or system over $5,000 requested in the grant.
B.   A copy of your organization’s audit or statement of income and expenses for the previous year. 
C.   A copy of your organization’s most recent 990. 
D.   Current annual agency budget with year to date actual and variances (revenue and expenses). 
E.    A copy of the organization’s most recent IRS determination letter (NOT sales tax exemption). 
F.    A list of the Board of Directors, their addresses and occupations. 
G.    If applicable, letters of agreement from collaborating organization(s).
H.    A letter signed by the President/Chairman of the Board authorizing submission of the proposal.

Announcing a New Grant Management System

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