Children First

"In 2012, we were granted funds to install a new roof at our largest site, the Elaine Marieb Center located in Newtown (we called it our building’s “new hat!”). The original roof was nearing the end of its lifespan. The new roof is a white metal roof that provides:

- Additional security to the building because of a higher wind rating than the original roof

- Significantly reduced electric bills because it is white

- Increased longevity with a lifespan measured in decades

- ​An aesthetically pleasing building where we welcome children and families."

​Philip Tavill

Chief Executive Officer

​Children First


Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe

"WBTT is Building Excitement 
Thanks to generous donors in our community, including the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation, Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is on our way to turning our 2 ½-acre site into a theatre arts center. This summer, we began Phase 1 with the remodeling of the historic 1926 Binz building, which will become our administration and education and community outreach space. We know how carefully the Selby Foundation makes granting decisions and we are so please with the vote of confidence their support represents. Their gift has already inspired others in the community to give, and we are over 65% of the way to completing our fundraising for our entire project that will include the remodeling of our theatre building — that portion includes permanent walls, professional backstage and rehearsal spaces and most important to patrons - real theatre seating, soundproof walls and expanded restrooms! There are still many naming opportunities and needs for this project, you can see the whole project at .
Photo 1 (outside windows)
Windows are being added to the second floor of the Binz building, the William G. and Marie Selby Administration Wing that will hold our administrative offices and daytime box office.
Photo 2 (downstairs)
The first floor of the Binz building, the Nate Jacobs Education Wing, will be have a kitchen and four education classrooms with moveable walls to create a larger space for events and performance.

Thanks so much for your support."

Julie Leach

Executive Director

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe

Easterseals Happiness House

"That not only would Easterseals Happiness House not have been able to add 300 special  families these last two years, but the air conditioning grant created sustainability for this 70-year-old program supporting medically fragile children and adults with disabilities!

In addition it helped create our corporate partnership with Air and Energy that continues to provide exceptional service and support in this critical need area for our clients!"

Tom Waters
President & CEO
Easterseals Happiness House

Grant Success Stories

Pines of Sarasota Foundation

“The William G. and Marie Selby Foundation has been a generous supporter of Pines of Sarasota for nearly 60 years. One of the few foundations in our area that provide substantial capital grants, the Selby Foundation’s most recent support will make it possible for Pines to renovate an old, underutilized building and create a new home for current and future entrepreneurial programs. These programs, currently offered by Pines’ Ready & Steady department and the Pines of Sarasota Education & Training Institute, are designed to serve the Sarasota community while generating funds to further Pines’ mission. With this $150,000 grant to Pines of Sarasota Foundation, the Selby Foundation continues its commitment, not only to Pines of Sarasota, but to the seniors in our community who need care. In recognition and with gratitude, Pines of Sarasota is delighted to name the new facility, The William G. and Marie Selby Entrepreneurial Center.”

Janet K. Ginn, CFRE

Interim President

Pines of Sarasota Foundation

Sarasota Orchestra Acquires New Steinway
"Sarasota Orchestra's stalwart Steinway piano in Holley Hall had served the Orchestra for more than 30 years. This past season, an artistic decision was made that a new instrument was required. A generous grant from the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation and assistance from an anonymous donor made possible the purchase of the magnificent new Steinway. Jeffrey Kahane, a renowned pianist and Music Director of the Sarasota Music Festival, volunteered to help find the right piano. Every new piano has its own feel and sound, according to Kahane. He coordinated with the local Steinway distributor, Pritchard's Piano, to try out pianos in Steinway’s Los Angeles showroom. Kahane was later joined by Sarasota Orchestra Principal Keyboard Jonathan Spivey to help select the right piano. Kahane recounts that he did not tell Jonathan which piano in the showroom he liked the best, yet both independently fell in love with the same piano. The decision was made. Jonathan would later find eloquent words to celebrate the new piano: "To quote Maria Cristina Mena, 'the piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million colors.'" Sarasota Orchestra's Steinway made its official debut on January 31, 2018 at the Black and White Gala Concert and Dinner."

 Lauren Hersh
Director of Donor Engagement, Individual and Corporate
Sarasota Orchestra

Friends of Arcadia Airport - New Facility
" Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc. would like to say thanks very much to the Selby Foundation for the strong support of our capital campaign to build a restroom/shower facility. The new structure will support Aviation City a fly in camp out center we operate at Arcadia Airport that supports economic development in DeSoto County." 

George Chase


Friends of Arcadia Airport