"Becoming a Selby Scholar has transformed my life. It gave me the financial stability to be able to attend a university confidently, and has helped me create connections with great people. Attending Florida State University has allowed me to dive deep into my interests and passions, such as investing, which has resulted in opportunities such as my current internship as a private equity analyst. If it weren’t for the Selby Scholarship, I would be attending community college and would have missed the opportunities and connections I have made. I have never been happier or healthier.”

Joey Garrand

​Selby Scholar 2016-2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and guidance. If it were not for your financial support it would have made it more difficult for me to achieve my next goal. I am so blessed with your generosity and all the experiences I have enjoyed. This July of 2016, I will begin my career in dentistry at LECOM School of Dental Medicine in Lakewood Ranch, FL. I hope to… I know so that when I complete my career and come back to start my practice in Sarasota, I would like to make an endowed scholarship under my name for students who are interested to pursue a career in dentistry and medical fields. I graduated from University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee on May 9th, 2016, with a major in Biology and a minor Psychology.  Thank you for your investment in me and all the future students like me.” 

Priscilla Sosa

Selby Scholar 2014-2016

“I was the recipient for several years of a Selby Scholarship grant which allowed me to attend Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne. My family did not have much money, and your grants allowed me to continue my education and pursue my dream of becoming an electrical engineer. I now have 60 patents in my name and through my career created the first smartphone and first laptop PC... and I continue to find ways to make a positive impact to the world. I now live in Silicon Valley but still consider Florida my home away from home. Thank you again for all that you do to help future scholars. I just want to share that it can make a real difference.”

Frank Canova

​Selby Scholar 1976-1977


“Lessons from Act One:
1) With hard work, a couple of lucky breaks, and some support, you can do anything if you believe in yourself.
2) Never give up. Ever.
3) Love and generosity are the most important life changing forces in the world.
I am a happily married father of four. I have spent my whole career helping others as a physician and my success is yours. Thank you Selby Foundation. I am who I am in no small part due to the generosity of the Selby’s who owed me nothing. Their legacy and generosity provided me a ray of hope when I had little. Much in life is luck and serendipity. Thank you for being part of my story. I will continue to use my knowledge and skills to help people all the days of my life.” 

Anthony Ellis, M.D.

​Selby Scholar 1984-1986

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Selby Foundation for having given me a scholarship while I was in college at Florida State University.   I am ashamed to say that the thought did not occur to me at the time to say thank you.  I was awarded the Selby Scholarship while I was already enrolled at FSU in 1992 and again in 1993.  I graduated from FSU in 1996 with a BS in Political Science.  I went on to further get another BS in Education and subsequently working as a social studies teacher in Sarasota County.   I have been working in Sarasota County for 15 yrs and I believe your generous award for me helped me many years ago.   So I wanted to say thank you and your investment in my future has not gone to waste."  

Juan Esparra
​Selby Scholar 1991-1992

"I have found that the intersection of knowledge and imagination is a special place, teeming with insight, innovation and excitement. A New College Selby Foundation grant was one cobble stone on my path to this realization." 

I graduated from New College in 1980 and earned a Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University in 1986, and subsequently earned a J.D. from the University of Georgia School of Law, specializing in intellectual property.  I practiced biotechnology patent law in a private Atlanta firm and then became patent counsel in a multinational agricultural corporation, where I rose to U.S. Head of Patents and Trademarks.  I returned to Sarasota in 2006 where I became active in marine conservation and president of Sarasota Bay Watch, a grass-roots all volunteer organization working to restore and protect Sarasota Bay and its waterways. I am on the boards of the Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida, the Gulf Shellfish Institute, and START (Solutions to Avoid Red Tide).

Larry Stults, Ph.D., J.D.


“I am a Selby Scholar recipient from Riverview High School in 2006. I attended the University of Central Florida for four years and obtained my bachelors degree in molecular and microbiology, subsequently went to medical school and recently just completed my first year of general surgery residency training. I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you to the Selby Foundation for their assistance during my four years of undergraduate education financially. It is an honor and privilege to have received such a magnificent award, and it still impacts me to this day.” 

Dr. Michael L. Renda

Selby Scholar 2007-2010